Principled. Proven. Progressive. Stand with Us! JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN Principled. Proven. Progressive. Stand with Us! JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN

Join our team and Make Bradford Better

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Making Bradford Better

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Our campaign is meant to bring comfortable working conditions to employees, improve social and medical care and create educational programs for youth.

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We believe that every hardworking family deserves a good job, a quality life for their kids.

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We must stand up for those left behind by automation, and a broken political system.

Choose a New Direction

Just like you, we are tired of the direction our city is heading, we are fighting for more jobs, more opportunity and less crime.

Let’s make Bradford Better, choose a new direction, choose Conservative.

Take part in the building of a brighter future

Bradford is in need of a change of direction, we want to level up Bradford and build back better, a city we can all be proud of.

Join Our Campaign

Join Our Team and Make Bradford Better

    Choose a New Direction

    Bradford has long since been forgotten, let change that and give the city we love, the people we care about a new direction, a brighter future

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    We need to continue to fight to strengthen our economy, to protect our environment